Other Cool Blogs: Diana Urban (9/8/2015) – Words to Cut

Photo by Ujesh Krishnan on Unsplash


43 Words You Should Cut From Your Writing Immediately” by Diana Urban, published 9/8/2015.

This list is going to look familiar. I’ve ranted on several of them – That, Just, Very – kill, kill, kill. Start, begin – cut!

Go over this very through list and add it to your pre-edit list. Not every instance of every word needs to be removed, but your writing will be sharper by limiting these repetitive, unclear, or unspecific terms. Make your writing pop! Yes, you will need to reword some things, but it will be worth it.

Again, the article can be found here: https://dianaurban.com/words-you-should-cut-from-your-writing-immediately