Other Cool Blogs: Cracked 4/10/2017

Image provided by the Internet hive mind via iFunny.com

James Burtoft assembled The 5 Most Disastrous Typos in Human History for Cracked.

Everything from a comma instead of a hyphen costing the American government the modern equivalent of $40 million dollars during the Civil War to changing a medical term from Patient O (as in Oh, for Outside the area being examined) to Patient Zero.

And that list doesn’t event include “A court’s decision in a Maine labor dispute hinged on the absence of an Oxford comma“ I previously mentioned in my April 11, 2017 Editing Rant.

You can see the whole article here: http://www.cracked.com/article_24628_the-5-most-disastrous-typos-in-human-history.html

Just so you know, good editing saves civilization.