Flash: 50-Word Prompts (The Mouse Roars)

Image part of the Public Domain: Rodin “The Kiss”

Flash: 50-work – Prompts Two, Three, Four, Nine and Bonus

Below is the last of the fifty-word flashes; the second set of interrelated flashes. Plus I have added one bonus flash at the very end to round out this group. Hope you have enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed the day exploring rapid writing.

I entitled the grouping: The Mouse Roars.


PROMPT TWO: Promptness

 “So, where’s the party?” Julie asked. 

Bradley laughed. “You’re always prompt. It starts six, but most people won’t arrive until eight. ”

Considering the guy she liked for so long, Julie shoved her shyness aside and asked in a sultry voice. “So what shall we do until everyone else arrives?” (words 50)


PROMPT THREE: Photo of Sunrise/Sunset

The party ended hours ago with a campfire and everyone taking turns at his telescope. Now to deal with the fallout, Brad thought as he tried to concentrate on the cans and bottles just becoming visible by the early morning sun and not think about the girl in his bed. (words 50)



Julie stretched, sated. Had that really been her? She ran through the night – no alcohol to blame it on – but nothing embarrassing either. She felt a little proud to throw off the quiet church mouse routine and ROAR. She hoped she could find the willpower to do it again. (words 50)


PROMPT NINE: Photo of Asian words translated … poorly

Bradley split the used beer recyclables between glass and aluminum. Bracing himself, he went to the final corner of the yard where couples temporarily retired. Are all those rubbers recyclable? Stupid question, Brad, and time to stop avoiding the issue. His bedroom guest should be up. (words 46)



Julie’s shyness overcame her lion, “I should be gone by now, right? That’s why you left … Oh god, I don’t know any of the rules.”

Tilting up her face, Bradley responded, “I don’t think ‘rules’ are going to apply.”

The soft kiss spoke promises neither knew how to make. (words 50)

(Initially published 2/8/2013; published in new blog format 3/26/2017)