Flash: 50-Word Prompts (6 & 7)

This is the second of four postings related to a 50-word Flash Friday, where 12 prompts were given to writers for mini-flashes on a Facebook group. The prompts were words or photos, and the flashes were limited to fifty words.

Today’s flashes are stand-alone flashes based on the photo prompts. Sorry the original photos are no longer available.

The first photo – whoa! I had been struggling to come up with a flash from the pretty photo, so I thought I would concentrate on it by clicking on it and only seeing the photo. …. After a few minutes, when I could think again, I came up with something. The full view went way beyond a man in the clouds.

I admit, I broke the 50-word rule for prompt twelve. I tried to trim the story down, but nothing kept the full feel. And it was the last one of the day – so I decided to plead tired and gave myself permission to “cheat”.


PROMPT SIX: Photo of man against blue sky

Title of flash “Optimization of Humanity Serum”

He had often been accused of having his heads in the clouds. Back before … when he had been a nerd. Since inventing Optimization of Humanity Serum and learning to fly he could sleep in the clouds … Maybe he should get a superhero costume. (words 45)


PROMPT TWELVE: Photo (?) of naked man in woods

Title of flash “The Ginger Moon”

“Come on guys, not funny!” Derek yelled. The full moon hunt was finished and his clothes were missing.

“Wrong gender, should be singular, and agreed.”

Derek shaded his eyes as the pack’s only alpha female stepped out of the rising sun.

“In case you didn’t notice, I am about to go into heat.” declared Ginger. Pulling the beta close, she whispered, “Tag, you’re it.” (words 64)

(first published 2/8/2013; published in new blog format 2/26/2017)