Flash: 50-Word Prompts (1 & 5)

On Friday February 8, 2013, Breathless Press (now defunct, so links have been removed) through its facebook page had a 50-word Flash Friday where 12 prompts were given to writers for mini-flashes. The prompts were words or (really sexy) pictures, and the limit of words were fifty. I had two sets of interrelated flashes and another few stand-alones.

I am going to republish my flashes over the next few Sundays (and hopefully get me beyond the brunt of tax season when I will have more free time). Below is one of the two sets of interrelated flashes.


PROMPT ONE: Early Birds
Dawn always came too early when Joseph stayed the night. Glancing at the pillow next to him, Julian got to see one last sexy smile before his dead lover melted away in the daylight.
(34 words)

Julian did not like cleaning house. Joseph loved it. Julian loved to watch Joe bend and stretch. Trying to get the dust bunnies, more like dust wolverines, from under the bed Julian extracted one of Joe’s thongs from a persistent bunny. Holding it, Julian curled on the floor crying
(words 49)

(originally published 2/8/2013; published in new blog format 2/19/2017)