Book Review: Siren Bridge

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Siren Bridge by Jean Marie Ward


Lady adventurer Oleander Jones knew the rules:

  • Never embroil yourself in the affairs of kings.
  • Never offend an asshole with an army.
  • And never, ever confront a monster in its lair.

But the ruby Heart of Gruende, the most precious of all the Gruen crown jewels, was so big and so sparkly, and the pay-off for stealing it was so enormous. She couldn’t bear to leave it in the sweaty, grasping paws of the governor of the New Dominion Territories another instant. Smashing a whiskey bottle over his skull was simply a bonus.

Now she’s got a reward on her head bigger than the Logressan national debt. The Territorial Militia, the full detecting might of Falchion Apprehension Services, and every country bumpkin and city lowlife who can read a wanted poster are on her tail. And there’s only one way to get where she needs to go…

Through the killing ground of the biggest, meanest, man-eating, avian monster Roche County has ever seen. Dead across Siren Bridge.



The cover (both versions – the boobie bird and the fantasy bridge) do a disservice to this amusing, involved Weird West-Heist-Fantasy-Humor delightful novella (story of about 100 pages).

I adored all the problem-solving Oleander, our quick-thinking thief-illusionist main character, comes up with as each step of her “simple” heist of a necklace drags her deeper and deeper into monsters and militia. Bounty hunters and governors; sirens and bartenders. Magic for sale in this weird west and the differences money can buy.

The language is spot on. The motion is constant. The ending when all the pieces come together in an explosion of energy worthy of a supernova dragon, is picture perfect (really, totally movie worthy!).

Loved this.

(Read through Kindle Unlimited)

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