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How much is too much?

Murry Blehart asked this question back in December in his blog “Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Stories in the Queue?” (Medium, 12/13/2022). (The link written out is: https://mjblehart.medium.com/is-there-such-a-thing-as-too-many-stories-in-the-queue-266e53926f29)

He gives a comforting answer of find your own path and be aware of your joys and limitations (his blog on medium is about mindfulness).

Do I have too many jobs? At present count, now that the political job four-year term is over (and related supporting political job), I’m down to ONLY seven gigs. 

Do I have too many stories? (Looking over the blog, with flash ideas in the hundreds.)

Do I have too many projects? (Looking around the room at the to-be-done piles.)

Yes, and yet, no.

The jobs are needed to pay the bills and that loss of income from the political jobs – small though it is – hurts and I’m trying to figure out a way to make it up. But the keeping track of them and switching between them sucks up executive decision-making energy better used for creative vitality. I have fun with them, but I could have fun with other things too.

The stories just keep coming and I have no more control over them than the weeds in the yard – write them or pull them, the project is not a project but a process. (Project in business-speak has an completion-date, Process is on-going tasks like cleaning the home, making meals, or a manufacturing line. Individual tasks within a process many be completed, but the task will be there again tomorrow because most things in life is about flow. Life is a river, not a port.)

Projects? Well, I also try to keep the new shinnies down but…

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WRITING EXERCISE: Take a moment and think mindfully. Are your “stories-in-queue” (or pictures to be drawn, or embroidery to be done, or tasks) bringing your joy or burdens? Is it too much? If too much, think what to trim to bring it under control. If not, celebrate the Joy and take a moment on your queue.