Flash: Phylactery (Purrson Part 3)

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“Stuck on the sixth floor again.” Parson commented while waiting in front of the elevator, giving a side-eye to the woman beside him. Her black business suit hugged her curves and her black stocking gave a hint of fishnet in their patterning.

She smiled at him, her vivid red lipstick making the lips stand out against her pale skin. “Does it do that often?”

“All the time.” Parson waved at the top of the art deco style elevators where the number six remained illuminated. “To be fair, that floor has two large families with small children, and four retirees who have mobility issues. But it also just gets stuck.”

“So do we wait, or what?” The woman turned to face him, flipping her long black hair behind her.

“I’m not walking up to the tenth floor.” He laughed, giving her one of his best sexy smiles.

“And I don’t want to attempt twelve flights myself.”

“Oh, you are the new 1203.”

“And you are Parson, in 1004.” She put out her hand. “I’ve heard about you.”

Parson took the hand, but lifted it to his mouth for a quick air kiss, just above the skin. Enough his breath touched it and nothing else, while keeping his eyes on her black ones, pleased to see the irises expand. “All good things I hope.”

The new apartment renter licked her lips as he lowered their joined hands, his thumb rubbing where he nearly kissed her skin. “Um, yes,” she gasped a bit. “Well,” she rolled her eyes around and bit her lip, containing a little laugh, “depends.”

“Depends on what, beautiful new 1203?”

“What? Oh,” she laughed, “please call me Lore, it’s short for Lorelei.”

“Lorelei.” Parson rubbed her hand knuckles again since she hadn’t pulled back her hand. “Lovely to meet you.”

“Yes.” Lore shook her head. “They weren’t kidding about you at all.”

“Oh,” he raised an eyebrow.

“Sex on a stick was how Connie put it.” She looked down and clearly, regretfully, pulled her hand away slowly. “They say you are the apartment’s skank, but worth it.”

Parson hadn’t realized his reputation was included in the basic get to know the building’s amenities, but he couldn’t fault the accuracy. He was a slut but had managed not to anger those that lived here.

They both jumped when the doors of the elevator opened, letting out the Wojciks, including the twins still in the stroller. The single adults stepped apart for the crowd to pass through before stepping into the now empty elevator.

He let her push the button first, then leaned over to press his and asked, “So, you would like to see if it is worth it?”

Lorelei smiled invitingly. “You know, I just might. Let me freshen up from work first. Come up about eight?”

“Want me to bring anything?” He looked up as the elevator beeped another floor, judging his window, “Food, wine, a movie, … lube?”

Snorting, she shook her head. “I got leftovers and don’t drink.” She waited until the doors opened on the tenth floor before adding. “And plenty of lube and toys. See you in two hours.”

Parson stepped out of the elevator before it closed. “Two hours.” After the doors closed, he walked down the hall. “Whoa, I’ve might have met my match. This should be fun.”


The woman presently going by the name of Lorelei stretched in the Saturday morning sun, feeling all the little bites and scratches of the night. Parson was a vigorous lover. Definitely worth it. She approved.

Him sneaking out in the night, less so. She frowned at the tangled pink sheets where he had drifted off after their last round of love play. Then frowned deepened when the mound of cloth moved.

A tabby kitten fought its way from underneath the fabric.

“Oh, well, look at you.” Lore studied its orange fur, a few shades lighter than Parson’s red hair. She laughed in delight. “Is that you Parson?”

The feline’s blue eyes, an exact match to her lover from last night, snapped up to her then grew round. Its entire body froze.

Lore moved up to her knees, her black hair flowing over her naked body. Slowing her breath, she waited.

Parson darted, and she jumped, grabbing him up in her hands.

Little kitten razors clawed and needle teeth bit. “No-no. Don’t do that.” Lore moved her hands to the scruff of the kitten’s neck and turned the male cat belly up in her hands. She stared down, and after struggling a moment, the cat stopped moving and just stared back up at her, panting as though frightened. “I’ve never seen one so young before.” Lore shook her head “I bet you don’t even know what you are, do you?”

The cat mewed a question.

“Yes, you are something, my sweet.” A wide possessive smile conquered Lore’s slightly swollen lips. “Something I will love to have very much.”

Narrowing its eyes, the kitten hissed.

“No, too late. I’ve seen you.” She moved one hand to start stroking the kitten’s cheeks, and used the hand on the neck to start a light massage, slowly turning the cat over as it eyes closed in pleasure. “Such a hedonist. I’ll take good care of you.”

“We are going to be such good friends.” Lore stood, walking into her living room. While holding the kitten against her body, risking bodily harm but Parson seemed quiet for the moment, she lifted her favorite throw blanket from the back of her sofa, thanking the universe once again people don’t ask about pentagram patterns, and spread it out on the floor.

Dropping Parson in the center, she said the closing word and the seal raised.

“Now you just stay there while I shower and get dressed.”

(words 965, first published 12/4/2022)

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