Book Review: American Girl: The Story of America

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American Girl: The Story of America by various contributors


Step into key moments from America’s history with the American Girl BeForeverâ„¢ characters in American Girl: The Story of America. Travel back in time-from the 1750s to the groovy ’70s. Find out how the Nez Perce tribe lived, what it was like to grow up on the wild frontier, how girls helped the war effort during WWII, and much more.

Fascinating facts are paired with historically accurate items from the American Girl Doll collections to illustrate important eras in American history. Young readers will engage with history as they meet each character and discover her incredible story.



I am blown away but how accurate, identifiable, and the level of historic information provided in American Girl. It covers a great amount of details for concrete thinkers (ages 8-11 that this book is aimed at). Long-term, ages 13-15 when they become abstract thinkers, they will understand the Addy Walker’s escape from slavery, why Kaya has no teeth showing, Josefina Montoya’s heritage, and how Kit Kittredge lives through the great depression. They will have people to attach these to – empathy for the historic details which abstract thinkers are capable of. This book is awesome as a building stone to create healthy, informed adults.

I love the different families each of the dolls have – from being raised by a grandmother, dealing with the parents divorcing, single mother, multiple siblings. I love the diversities of the characters through time, culture, and skin colors. And I love it is aimed at girls – after being erased from so much history, this book focuses on females living through historic times.

Bought as a gift for a niece – read to make sure it really does support strong women, which it does more than adequately.