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One Thing At A Time

With the new year comes a hundred-dozen ideas of things that Are-Getting-Done-This-Year. And 2022 is compounded by two years of COVID burning down plans, but our energy is nearly adjusted to the “New Normal” so plans are beginning to look possible if not probable.

But All-The-Things isn’t possible. Multi-tasking, especially with the a world of worry still nibbling at the back of your brain, taking bits of energy and thought processing, produces suboptimal results.

Choose one habit to renew. Pick one thing to write. Concentrate.

A.J. Hartley, a New York Times bestseller, talks about “The Writer as multi-tasker” on Magical Words back on 1/7/2011 –

Review the article and some of the related comments.

WRITING EXERCISE: Choose one habit to renew or start.

Lots of good habits have been lost in the past couple of years. Now is a good time to flip through your old habits and dust one off to restart. Or start a new habit. Do it every day for a month.

Comment below on what you are trying to do and how it is working out.


My Restart is this blog. So far, so good. It hasn’t been easy with all the other commitments, but I am so much happier when I am writing and creating regularly.