Writing Exercise: Metaphor and Simile

From: https://writers.com/simile-vs-metaphor-vs-analogy-definitions-and-examples

Figurative Language brings passion and vision to the written word. Images are created describing a blanket of snow, eyes sparkling like diamonds, and spring days as gentle as a lamb.

Similes compare two unlike items using “like” or “as” to tie them together. Metaphor drops the comparison word.

WRITING EXERCISE: Write a three-to-five sentence paragraph using similes at least three times; write another three-to-five sentence paragraph using metaphor at least three times. Which is stronger? Which do you like more?

My attempt

My new love moved like satin across the bed. Rising up on their knees, they looked like Venus being birthed from the seas. My heart fluttered like a bird caught in a cage.

The whirlwind ran through the house doing last-minute cleanup before the in-laws arrived. My attempts to calm were oil on water with a match set to flame because, the fool, I, had gave the okay to drop by any time today without telling my better half. When the growling started, I backed off and went to clean the toilet. Possible extinction of all fools could be scheduled for the unwary by the whirlwind.

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Series inspired by: “Figurative Language: Why and How You Should Use it” by Zara Altair. ProWritingAid 6/11/201