Flash: Pizza and Movie Night Part 2

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This appeared as a prompt for a Facebook writing group I’m part of – aim is 50 words, I went a little over. The instruction was include in your flash display(s) of affection which are not overtly sexual. I returned to my pizza couple, one of whom is asexual, both of whom motivated by food and entertainment. They were created in response to the meme asking, “well, what motivations exist other than sex?”


The last of the zombies fell apart sideways under Jae’s machete, transforming into a pile of gelatin-like goo and stark-white bones. Unlike last month’s zombie apocalypse, these bodies will not be going back to their resting places. No one would be identifying shit.

They shook off their blade while I considered my shotgun. I ran out of cartridges over an hour ago and had switched to bashing. I really needed to carry more ammo, replacing guns cut into my anime budget.

“Behind.” Jae whispered before wrapping their arms around me, leaning their head on my shoulder. With one hand they pushed down the mangled gun, and with the other they had their cell phone positioned so we could both see it. We had heard the all-clear song a lifetime ago, or maybe it was six minutes ago, according to the text time log.

They thumbed through the message giving details about what the Alpha mage team had accomplished, and what cleanup and fallout could be expected.

“You smell.” I whispered, nudging my head against their ear.

“Not all of us kill at a distance, hon.”

“Hey, does that say Gamma team nine is not assigned to cleanup until tomorrow?”

Jae purred against my shoulder. “Pizza and movie night back on?”

“I’m not looking forward to going into the shadow places and pulling out any gooey remains into sunlight for final disintegration, but I do believe our pizza and movie night is back on.” I stared down the street. We never made it to Pizza Guy and Fries; two cemeteries in route gummed up the works. But we stayed between the ground upchucking zombies and our favorite pizza place, so they should still be in business. “Let me check on Buster and his crew and place our order. You go home and shower and pick the movie.”

(words 306; first published May 30, 2022)

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