Flash: Pizza and Movie Night

7726129 © Alexandros Chamilakis | Dreamstime.com

“Pizza and movie night!” Jae belly flops on the sofa beside me.

I nod happily, reaching for my phone to order when it buzzes with an incoming text and then an emergency alert. I’m afraid to look but swipe it out of habit.

*Zombie apocalypse*

I show it to Jae.

“Nooooo,” they moan rolling over to reach for their ever-present machete, “It was pizza night.”

“Maybe we can end it quick?” I said hopefully, walking over to where we store the sawed off shotguns.

“Let’s head to Pizza Guy and Fries first and make sure they are okay.”

Few things were more important to Jae than pizza, and if I was honest, me too, so I planned out the route in my head.

(first published 1/26/2021; words 123)

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