Flash: Arousal


Rating: Mature

A hand trailed down her back leaving a light trail of fire behind. Roberta suppressed her reaction. Her tormentor quenched the fire with a trail of kisses. Roberta continued to pretend to sleep.

The hand slid along her side, lightly touching her waist with a sensation half laughter half sin. She wished she wasn’t so ticklish. The hand continued to her front and splayed across her stomach. It slowly inched up to cup her breast. The thumb rubbed circles just under her areola.

The bed dipped as the other person moved closer to her. Unintentionally she rolled into full body contact. The person behind had some incentive to continue if what she was feeling prodding her back was any indication.

A tongue darted out to lick her nape. Breath dried the wetness sending shivers down her body. The stiff body part settled between her butt checks during the movement. She shifted a little more so the thumb started flicking her nipple.

The intruder suckled the nape of her neck, sending a shot of electricity to her pussy. She felt herself become instantly wet. A moan escaped her lips. The lips behind her switched to her ears and started nibbling. Roberta arched into the hand on her breast.

The body behind her shifted and a second hand started stroking her ass and thigh in slow circles. The hand changed breast and started brushing her other nipple, with unexpected pinches driving things to a higher pitch. When she was ready to snatch the hand dancing around her nether reaches and put it in the proper location, it dived there on its own volition.

Her panting belied her pretense of sleeping. She was curling her hands deeper in her pillow to keep from turning and grabbing the man. One finger slid into her slit. It circled, testing readiness and quickly was joined by a partner. A third was added to the team and then the group started moving in and out.

Without realizing what happened, Roberta turned from her side to her back to give the teaser better access. A mouth immediate claimed hers and demanded entrance. An especially intense combination of Team Nether, where the three fingers entered her vagina the same time the benched thumb stroked her clit, made gasp giving the mouth full access.

The tongue that had beset her nape stroked her mouth in time with the lower fingers. Roberta’s heels started digging into the mattress as her body arched upward.

Still refusing her eyes, she felt her bed partner move over her. Strong hands quit stroking to support his new position. Instead a different body part was working its entrance to her womb while the mouth continued the rhythm previously implemented.

The dick entering her was larger than she expected. Much larger. It immediately hit THE SPOT, and her hands grabbed the man for support as her initial organism lifted her completely off the bed.

He stilled so the storm within her was all she felt. Once she drifted back down, he started the slow stroking, building her up again. The mouth quickly nipped down to taunt one breast then the other. Because of the tilt of the male’s back, her hands slid down the shoulder into the thick hair.

Wait. This wasn’t her husband come back early from his trip.

Roberta’s eyes burst opened.

(words 557; First published 4/24/2013; republished new blog format 7/15/18)