Author Spotlight: Alexandra Christian

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Alexandra Christian writes romances for people who don’t like romances. Whether hot dragon sex in the fantasy Huntress or an angel death worshiping a self-destructive woman In The Shadow of Death contemporary paranormal, the romance will be strong and like nothing you have seen before. If your bookshelf has a hole in science fiction romance, she has something even for that – maybe NeoGeisha or one of the other books of the Phoenix Rising series will fill the gap.

But when you mix in her Sherlock Holmes obsession, things start getting really weird like The Ghost and Dr. Watson (not a romance) and forthcoming Chasing the Dragon (which is).

Nothing she writes is a straight-forward vanilla romance. Everything has another genre mixed in. Her writing is definitely a Reese’s Cup accident – you got my chocolate mixed in with your peanut butter; well your weird paranormal is mixed in with my romance! If this sounds like your jam, spread it on into your to-be-read pile.