Flash: The Antichrist’s Big Sister Blog – Part 2

Rating: Mature

I know, I know, it hasn’t been so long since I wrote about my little problem being a big sister to the Antichrist. But I just wanted to let you know.

I turned eighteen yesterday!

This is big! Huge! AWESOME! I am now my own legal person!

I can walk up to my father and let him know he is a total dick. … Okay, I have done that a lot already, but now I can say it and never worry about having to go to Christmas dinner at his house ever again. Yes, I know I said he didn’t visit me at my house. But that didn’t mean he didn’t make my mother drive and drop me over his house for every holiday just to deprive her of having me for family time at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even Mother’s Day. Did I mention my bio dad is a total dick?

My mom can now move out of the county, even out of state, if she wants. A HUGE deal!

Oh, and as a legal person, this morning I told the judge if he didn’t enforce back child support and the agreement to keep me in health insurance and college tuition and spending cash until I was twenty-four like the original divorce papers agreed and daddy dearest can afford, the newspaper was going to get a not-so-anonymous exclusive about what was going on. He sneered, since the local paper is run by his cousin. But the Herald is not, and his superiors in the State House read the Herald. White face in black robes, very funny.

Being a legal person is totally AWESOME!

I admit, I was nervous about the judge thing. Contempt of court, life-long enemies and all that. I brought my step-dad as witness.

Okay, I will let you wrap your head around that.

I brought Satan as backup.

Are you good with that?

Satan … gots my back.

Can I continue?


You might think Satan would be all for corrupt leaders. Thing is the judicial asswipe was not doing his job because of friendship and love, so the horned one was good with my actions. He also gets his jollies off on the whole intimidation, threatening thing. The running to the press, not his favorite option. He has indicated a mixed relationship with the media, loves the spinning, but not the basic premise of seeking the truth.

Overall, I think we were both happy about our little family excursion to the courthouse. I know he was fit to burst with pride, pride being his biggest downfall, when I stopped on the way out to change my last name to the one he is using with my mom. Morningstar has such a better ring to it than Hendricks.

Of course, being eighteen is not all fun and games. The horned guy indicated he wouldn’t mind if I had sexual relations, which I kind-of expected, with my brother, which I kind-of didn’t expect. I mean … ew!

Seems like incest is awesome for shaping a person down the wrong path. Especially if initiated at a young age. Billy is six.

Did I mention yesterday was his birthday too? Both born on the winter solstice. Horned guy says we were born during the deepest dark. My mother, back when she was Glenda the Good, said I was born the day light starts growing again.

Anyhow, I told my step-dad unequivocally no, not going to happen. Not me with him, not me with my brother, not him with my brother. And if anything happened to my bro, any sexual predator so much as touches my brother, I would personally cut off his black balls and tell my mother what happened and then give her his balls to do with as she saw fit.

His eyes had been doing that fire dance thing until I mentioned telling mom and giving his balls to her.

Mom, the Bride of Satan. That title comes with some powers; I don’t think Satan thought things through on that end when they exchanged wrist cuffs. Well, okay, manacles. You don’t think Satan slipped a ring on my mom’s finger in a church did you? A white wedding it was NOT.

I told him he could throw Lilith at Billy when he was eighteen, hell, he could give Billy both Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift or whatever slut he wanted when Billy was eighteen.  But if he so much as let one of his sick perverts touch my brother before the big one –eight, I would fucking crucify him.

Crucifixion, not something the horned guy wants to mimic. He’s got his pride. Like I said, his biggest downfall.

Sorry about the cursing. Step-dad encourages it every chance he gets. And I respect him. Kind-of like kids taking up smoking because their parents do even when they know it’s bad for them. I’m going to go away to college in the hopes to reduce his bad influence.

Speaking of bad influence, he did offer me some male versions of sluts as my birthday present. You know, something to take to college. I think he is embarrassed I didn’t lose my cherry at the Junior prom. Feels like he failed me as a dad.

Trust me, he could never fail me as badly as my bio dad does.

Anyhow, I turned him down on the giftwrapped morsels. A few were demons that were truly panty-soaking dreams. It was hard, but I turned all of them down.

Don’t give me that look. You know the “how can you find demons hot?” look. 

Hello, demons are angels. Only they traded in their wings and halos for dicks so they can fuck the Daughters of Man.

These men, these demons, oh cripes, what can I use to describe them …

I think this may help. These guys, males, angels, whatever, thought dicks were better than halos, and fucking is better than flying. And they still do – after thousands of years experience. They still love to fuck and believe it is better than being in heaven. And their Boss told them to fuck me if I wanted. Teach me everything they know. Make it so much fun I will be totally converted to the cause. Make their perfect angelic bodies available to my beck and call for all time. Think about all the implications of that for a mature, but still hormone-ridden, teenage woman.

Go on, take a moment.

Panties wet yet?

And I still turned them down.

I also took two phone numbers, in case I changed my mind.

Hey, a woman’s prerogative.

The last two days have been some of the best days of my life.

I cannot wait to see where this goes.

I got so many plans!!!

Watch out world! The Antichrist’s Big Sister, the Daughter of the Bride of Satan, just turned eighteen and is ready to take you on!

 (words 1,152 – first published 4/8/2013, republished in new blog format 7/23/2017)