Geeking Science: Edible Cutlery

From the Manufacturer’s Website:¬† (note: site often has bandwidth problems)

Soon I will be starting my annual trip where I work for a non-profit. Nearly three weeks of camping and in that time I will use a lot of plastic one-shot stuff because of limited ability to clean things safely. My “vacation” will produce a trash/carbon footprint more than three months of my normal life. I hate choosing personal health over planetary health, but a girl’s gotta live – I mean that literally and figuratively. Between lack of refrigeration, lack of running water, and lack of sleep, I have few options.

Bread Bowl from

But soon I may have a different option for my breakfast spoon and dinner fork while traveling. I have always loved bread bowls, where a small loaf is carved out and filled with fabulous soups or satisfying sauce-covered meatballs. Now a company has developed a spoon which can be eaten when done – made from millet, rice, and wheat plus some spicing. Located in India Bakey’s Edible Cutlery has already made over 1 million spoons since 2011.

I repeat – the company has been in business and making this stuff since 2011. This is not science fiction. This is not even waiting on testing like many of the medical marvels I geek about. THIS.IS.REAL!


Oh, drat. A huge mucking ocean is in the way.

The India-based company is still growing its providers, getting rice farmers to switch to millet, developing its manufacturing base, and all that other stuff which businesses must have and us writers tend to skip in science-fiction. Someone wanting to distribute in America even did Kickstarter after reaching an agreement with the manufacturer; only problem the Kickstarter ended up being 10 times more successful than planned. After over a year the spoons have not shipped from India to America and then distributed to the backers. Fulfillment was promised April 2016; it’s now July 2017. The Kickstarter website shows some minor zings happening between the distributor and the manufacturer.

I hope this gets settled soon, because I really, really want this product. In every flavor.