Book Review: Bad Alpha

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Bad Alpha by Katheryn Moon


Eve had one job. Kill Adam.

But when her mark for the night turns out to be a gift-wrapped omega, Eve can’t resist delaying the job and enjoying the opportunity before her.

One bite is all it takes.

That’s what Adam is counting on. One bite and he might live till morning.

Success is complicated and on the run for their lives, Eve and Adam need the one thing neither of them wants. A pack.

Can three good men tame the killer and the con artist? Not if this bad alpha can help it.

Bad Alpha is a MMFMM romance standalone with a HEA, set in the Sweetverse. Warning for violence and the acts of a dangerous woman in command.



That was unexpectedly good. Variations off the traditional erotica-romance includes (1) omegaverse style universe, (2) thriller action, (3) redemption arc of the assassin bad girl as strong as one normally sees for male characters. (a female redemption arc is something several author friends have talked about)

Works as a stand-alone (I did not read the rest of the series … though I might now!).

Yeah, this really is a thriller with the central heroine an assassin. She is really GOOD at being BAD. Can an omega con-man and a para-military barely-there (non-shifter) pack survive the taming of this feral Alpha? Especially when she has an international human slavery ring after her?

(I think the human slavery ring is the on-going plotline connecting the Sweet Omegaverse series.)

This has the best action-fight scenes I have EVER read in an erotica-romance. I read a lot of paranormal romance, so this is actually a higher bar than you would expect for the romance genre and Ms. Moon doesn’t just break previous records, she destroys them. This book would work as a VERY good thriller if the reverse harem was removed.

But that would be a horrible loss, removing the reverse harem. All the men are distinctive personalities, strong interpersonal relationships. Characters DEVELOP and CHANGE. Grow stronger. The M-M romance within the harem is wonderfully sweet. The heroine develops different relationships with each of her harem.

Really, this book is an amazing example of its genre and completely spoils me in my expectations for other Omegaverse-style books.

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  1. Right away I know three people who I’ll be telling about your review, because this book is the kind that is their top pick. Thanks! Also, I popped over to your last post on gardening. The gardens around the trees are beautiful, and I’ll be passing the tip on to my husband with a strong hint about the need of two trees out front we have that unfortunately attract every weed in the area. Again, thanks!

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