Flash: Commitment

Photo from Dreamstime (paid stock art)

“One way or another,” ja’Zel rocked back and forth, “I’m gonna find you.” She dug in with one foot, pushing hard into the soil, then exploded forward, pushing hard each step, gaining speed. “I’m gonna get you.” A moment to suck in air before …

Flinging herself into the Between. A chasm cut by the gods not a month ago to keep two tribes from war.

“Forever, you and me.” Her knees and hands hit the edge, the dirt still loose from the quake, but momentum rolled her forward the last few inches. Tears streamed down her face as her fear broke from where she had tightly bound it.

She sobbed in the early morning light, one, two gulps. “Enough of that. Time to move. ma’Drel here I come.”

(word 129; first published 9/24/23)

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