Attempting NaNoWriMo Again

Attempting NaNoWriMo again, this time a possible Vella serial. The concept is a Gothic Sci-Fi Romance (with maybe a murder mystery thrown in) – just to see if I can throw the depression of the Gothic style with the hope of the Science Fiction and Romance genres. Conceived as a serial, if it goes the way it is in my head, at some point the story will be morphed into a two to three book series. But first, seeing if Vella works as a release style for me.

Also in the mix for NaNoWriMo is getting more of the blog in order and working on two anthology pieces due by Dec 31.

I’ve never succeeded before – and the normal roadblocks are all there – too many jobs with tax season study gearing up, the package season for the post office going crazy (yesterday for Halloween, I pulled a full twelve-hour day), and family obligations for the holidays. Plus the normal juggling nine gigs, editing, and keeping mind and body healthy and alive.

Writing over 1,000 words a day should be a piece of cake, right?

Any amount of words is a good thing. I hope you will enjoy snippets as I get them done.

Cover: Gothic Sci-Fi Romance