Editing Rant: Drunk Secrets

1677053 © Photoeuphoria | Dreamstime.com

Why does everyone think that drunk is an acceptable way for a character to spill secrets?

Ugh – the story was going so well until then.

Chapter 8 of 25 – I sooo want to burn chapter 8 to the ground and tell the author to rebuild. This is an immortal character, why, why, why????

If I didn’t see this device used again, and again, and again… (head-desk)

Look either people are sh*t at keeping secrets and regurgitate them at the drop of a hat, or those secrets have been tossed down an oubliette and will never be seen again. Maybe some people are burning to tell a secret and the release of inhibitions created by the depressant gets the secret pass their normal filters – but then SHOW us this if we are in the character’s head. It shouldn’t come out of nowhere, especially for an immortal (like a vampire or a deity) who has kept secrets for decades or even millennium.