Book Review (SERIES): Love Language

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Love Language Series by Reese Morrison

  1. Love Language
  2. Love Lessons
  3. Love Limits
  4. Love Unlimited

Love Language is an erotic series set within the deaf community, the characters vary in their kinks from sub & dom, to daddy play, to puppy play. Some are aces and others gender queer. Below are my reviews for Books 1 & 3. If you read to explore other words, including those here on earth, this is an excellent series to explore.


A younger Dom. A grieving sub. Two men whose kinks don’t align (or so they think) connecting in sign language.

Marco and Greg would both rather be anywhere than a kink club on Valentine’s Day. Marco doesn’t have the patience to speech-read in a hearing crowd. And Greg is still mourning his Sir who passed away three years ago.

But when Greg steps in to explain something in sign language, Marco can’t stop thinking about the light he sees in those sad eyes. Strong, older, fluent in ASL, and sweetly submissive, Greg is exactly Marco’s type. Even if Greg isn’t ready for another relationship yet, Marco isn’t ready to let him go.

Greg thought that he would never want to date someone again. But as painful as it is to admit, he’s starting to feel like it might be time. Marco is like no one he’s never met. Small, twink-ish, over a decade younger, and a Daddy, he isn’t at all what Greg imagined in a Dom. Yet he’s undeniably attracted to his care and control, even after Marco reveals that he’s transgender. Slipping into the language of his childhood, Greg wonders if he might have a second chance at love.

This book contains hurt/comfort themes, lots of heat, and a HEA ending. This is the first book in the Love Language series celebrating Dear characters and Deaf culture.


Some of what this book does, it does really well. It may have tried to do too many things at once, but I think by reaching for the stars the author has (at least) hit the moon. And I think what works and what doesn’t will vary by person – but at least something about this book should be incredible to everyone.

First off, the Deaf aspect of this erotica isn’t a kink, but just part of life and gives a nice insight to a community not usually represented within erotica. It is done very well. I loved how much I learned about living with a language barrier.

Second, dealing with grief and processing the difference between who you were with someone and who you can be with someone else, is layered – with backsliding and moving forward – with fear and bravery.

Third, transgender, BDSM, and other erotica items are explored in a manner more nuanced than a bam-slam-erotica.

Fourth, the cover does represent a scene in the book – nicely done.

So much to unpack from this well-written story, which also works as an erotica.


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Ash is on a mission to find a Daddy. They know it won’t be easy; they’re proudly Deaf, intersex, and kinky, so finding the right guy might take a lot of dates.

But what happens when they meet the Daddiest Daddy ever to Daddy… and he doesn’t even know it?

Zhong loves packing Ash’s lunch and buying him presents. He loves playing board games with the playful sub, and even cuddling up with him at night. For Ash, he’d even go to a kink club on pup night to be Ash’s Handler.

But Zhong knows that his love has limits. He could never be what Ash is looking for. Could he?

Love Limits contains a caring ace Daddy, a genderqueer sub, age play, puppy play, and a HFN. This is the third book in the Love Language series celebrating Deaf culture, and it should be read after Love Lessons.


A kinky erotica featuring Deaf characters, one of whom is genderqueer and the other is asexual. Also, one of the leads is a POC, and a variety of “soft” kinks are explained and explored.

I really enjoyed the exploration of an asexual character within a romance; just because the physical aspects of a relationship are not primary, or even a secondary, consideration to a person does not mean they lack the need of human companionship.

Side note – I would, at some point, like to see an asexual character NOT feel the need to write everything down and observe sexuality like it is a wildlife experiment. But it does work here, especially when he shares his observations with his potential life partner and they respond by adding their own page of wants and wishes.