Flash: As Luck Would Have It

Image from freedigitalphotos.net

No matter how many ways he juggled the numbers, they didn’t add up the way he needed them to. Time to get creative if his company would qualify for the loan to save them. Jef at the bank had been working with them for decades and knew their numbers were always solid before, he wouldn’t pay too much attention even if this is the biggest loan they ever asked for. And, maybe, they could delay payment of their payroll taxes, just for a few weeks. That should keep them afloat with their suppliers another month, keeping things under the 90-day payment requirements, until the loan finalized and gave them leverage. He would need to check with the CEO and the chairman of the stockholder board, but they cared more about the company remaining solvent than the legality of it all. Just one more month until 2020, and then their luck will turn around.

(words 153; first published 11/21/2023 – from a Facebook group prompt, the goal of 50 words)