Editing Rant: Read Later Becomes Read Never

Read Series Before They Are Done
It’s book shopping time, getting all the last minute gifts for the holidays. The question is: stand-alone or series?
Today I’m going to Rant on Series.
Many readers do not buy books until all the series is completely done, and they binge it at that time. Thing is, if the series doesn’t sell the publisher will drop the series … and the author. 
It’s a vicious cycle. Readers don’t want to read a series in case it never finishes, and no one buys the series so it never gets finished. 
“Maybe if the writer completed the series before publication?” some people ask.
Do you know how long it takes to write a series? And to do that before a single dime comes in? Not happening if the writer needs the income. And a writer who has other income sources doesn’t have the time to invest without feedback to know what they are writing is something people want to read. Unlike a day job where you show up and get paid, writing requires showing up day-in-day-out (Butt in Chair) in the HOPES that what you are writing will SOME DAY create income. If the first book of the series doesn’t capture attention, and the second only makes a tickle, then no third book will happen.
If you are able, please read as you go, both authors who are self-published (SP) and traditionally published. You see, publishers expect a drop-off in sales as a series progresses, not an increase. If the initial numbers are low, the publisher (and the self-published) will look for something to make them more money. If the initial numbers don’t pay off the first book and at least part of the second, they “know” the series will lose money and stop.
If you want a series, if you want an author to keep writing, buy it as it comes out.
Unless all the books light up with sales, there isn’t enough sales brightness to continue the writing and reading.