Art is hard

Photo from by Deva Darshan, taken in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Holi Festival

While COVID-19 officially started in 2019, it really didn’t hit America until March 2020. Tax season was a nightmare. And 2021 hasn’t gotten better – tax season was just as bad, I’m still running soil and water meetings remotely, can’t visit family, Pennsic got canceled, again.

And art … art is hard. Really hard. Crafting words, putting needle through fabric, even painting. The creative juices just aren’t here.

Can’t even do gardening and I had such high hopes. Even made a meme.

Sorry past self, but still mourning the loss of normal … of people, friends and activities. Someday, but not today the joy should return. But meantime I’m in a fog with everyone else.