Flash: Getting Closer

1156430 © Michael Iwasaki | Dreamstime.com

Twenty-four floors up and you’d think the Civic Assistant Supervision offices should always be brightly lit during the daylight hours in their glass building, but the office building across the street stood even taller and gave welcome relief from the afternoon sun, allowing the air conditioner time to catch up. The shadow had crept away to the north side about an hour ago, leaving Megan sweating again under the seven o’clock summer sun hitting her desk. Her most recent promotion had moved her closer to the window, making her debate the benefits of further promotions on days like today.

Days where a jail break left one of their subcontractor-employee guards dead, six injured, and twelve fugitives outside their containment. With the help of satellites, software recognition, and local law enforcement, Megan lived up to her name Bloodhound and nine were back in custody and two more about to be recaptured. Leaving only one left.

The dangerous one.

The one who hadn’t responded to the nano-neutralizers Dr. Masters had created for the powered criminals.

She adjusted her screen yet again away from the glare. Flyers usually couldn’t help flying, and so many satellites pay attention to the air. Weather, missile observation, and aviation monitoring only scrapped the top lichen off human’s fascination with monitoring the sky. Megan wiped her forehead, ignoring the quiet around her. Only her supervisor remained. All other services had passed down the line to their California branch.

Her powers were minuscule compared to most, too narrow an application, but perfect for finding people. She nudged the mouse to click a different satellite download. Her gut said she was getting closer to her prey.

Her area desk darkened as a cloud crossed the sun, bringing welcome relief from the heat, except the edge of the shadow didn’t carry the soft diffusion of a cloud. The dark shadow was too solid.

Looking up from the screen to the outside, Megan saw a very different object between her building and the sun.

(words 332; first published May 30, 2022 – from a picture prompt for a Facebook writing group. Aim is about 50 words)

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