Flash: Amount to Something

I ran across this prompt when I was doing AtoZ in April 2019:

You’ve just narrowly survived an attack. This random person came out of nowhere with some sort of weapon. It seemed as if they wanted to kill you. But why? You’ve done nothing to them. There’s no reason why someone would want you dead.

What if you found out that this would-be assassin traveled from the future with the intent to kill you?

My answer:

The bad guy, girl, not exactly sure with all the future junk hanging off of them, laid there sparking and twitching.

“What the tarnation was that about?” I scream in their slightly burned face.

“You. You changed everything.”

“Good, bad?”

“Changed.” They whisper fading. I mean really fading – they just fade from view.

“Well, that is just dandy. No hints.” I stop and look around to see if anyone had showed up yet from all that noise, when I realize something. “Hey, I’m famous in the future. Guess I got that going for me. And the teachers said I would never amount to anything.”

(words 105, first published 4/24/2019)