Flash: Rafella de Sable (Part 4)

So with her family history and her personal history established, I needed to give the DM pieces to play with – story for him to weave into what was happening but far enough in advance he can take it in a completely different direction if he wanted. As it turned out the game fell apart after two sessions – the first to make the characters and the second was the first adventure.

Even though I never really got a chance to fully explore Rafella, I really like her and her family. They have gone through a lot. I wonder what happened next in her life.

*** Rafella de Sable (Part 4) – The Groomspeaker arrives soon

The wedding contract is to be finalized on her twenty-fifth birthday, which will double as the engagement party should the groomspeaker be pleased with the final product. Nearly immediately after the wedding is to take place. Which is good, since the family is nearly out of money again. Paying for the dowries of her two sisters, arranging for her brothers marriage, and maintaining the house for three families (grandfather, brother and sister), as well as her own training, consumed the initial payment. The final payment is scheduled for delivery after the wedding night. Then that Rafaela will leave with her husband and never have to see her family again. A prospect she eagerly awaits. She respects the old man as much as she hates him. Her sister is a prig and her husband an overweight wannabe. And her brother is a sniveling, self-centered jerk and his wife is a worthless ditz. Her other two sisters are long gone and never understood her. She will be able to finish her obligations to the family that raised her and start paying her obligation to the person that paid for her to learn magic.

Rafaela is curious about the next few weeks. She has never been certain if the groomspeaker arranged for the contract for himself, his son or his benefactor. The man is at least twenty years her senior, which means he is over forty-five; if he is meant to be her husband, she just might break him on the wedding night. In under nine days she will walk into her engagement ball and officially meet her fiancée the first time. Her grandfather has arranged everything; she hasn’t even talked directly to the groomspeaker since her sister’s wedding sixteen years ago. Sometimes she would be called into the office and paraded in front of him with them asking questions around her but never to her, but that is it. One month after that the wedding is scheduled, enough time to do the final planning, while not making the families make two trips. She has started saying goodbye to her true friends, the thieves’ guild. A handful of the higher-ups even know who she is in real life and have been invited to the party (some of them are high enough in the social structure that it was automatic, but others should raise a few eyebrows).

Her life is going to totally change when she walks down the main staircase from the Gallery of Elders and places her gloved hand in the hand of the man standing at the bottom of the steps. She plans to look long and hard at the person she will be vowing to spend the rest of her life with. Because of obligations owed, she won’t try to run if she doesn’t like what she sees, but she is hoping to have the change of luck that comes to her family when they change their name.


  • The curse to the line may actual or just perceived.
  • The story the old woman told her may be actual or a malicious lie.
  • The old thief may still be alive somewhere and they meet him outside.
  • The sister’s wedding could have been in the local kingdom or out-of-kingdom so her paramour could come from a different set of traditions (including slavery).
  • Don’t know anything about her husband, where he is from, what he is like, etc other than he knows people that have access to money and want him to marry a mage.
  • Don’t know where they will be going after the wedding.
  • The engagement party is to take place in SEVEN TO NINE DAYS game time.

(Words 600, first written for game 9/23/2005; first published 3/8/2020)

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  1. You developed a very in-depth and complex character concept to aid your DM. To bad the campaign ended so soon.

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