F is for Falstaff


F is for Falstaff. Hey all, I’m an editor at Falstaff books and we are having a 99 cent book sale on our first in series. Below are four of the 33 on sale (if you want to know more – just let me know … others include space western, fantasy, and sci-fi.). I kept it to four of my faves.

The Darkest Storm Book 1: Storm Forged

First up is the first book I developmentally edited for Falstaff (I’m over 20 books now) – Storm Forged (not the proofreader!). A superhero in a not-so-happy world. Selling tag line “The X-Men meets The Hunger Games in this thrilling debut superhero novel!” (Clicking on the title or the book above will take you to Amazon) That is it for books I have touched. Full length novel.

Now books I have read

  1. Of Lips and Tongue by A.G. Carpenter – the first in an amazing series of Southern Gothic novellas (all of which are out). You can by the taster below or get the omnibus – Touch: A Trilogy


2. The Mussorgsky Riddle – A psychic mixed with music in Urban Fantasy. So good. Full length novel.

3. Perishables – Y’all know I love Michael G. Williams and his writing. This is the book that started my love. A vampire has to decide between revealing himself or letting his Homeowner’s Associate get eaten by zombies. The first in the series is really two or three novellas combined and isn’t the best of the series … but it is a great and fun beginning.