Author Spotlight: Liana Brooks

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I’ve been following Liana Brooks since back when I worked for Breathless Press, and she published a superhero series of “Even Villians…” I’ve watched her moved to Alaska, then to the West Coast.

Then (gasp) she has moved to South Carolina in 2019 following her husband’s military career. I may actually get to meet this magical writer of romance mixed with genre – ranging from historical to science fiction, superheros to time travel. I do hope she comes to ConCarolinas in June. I will be all over that like icing on a cinnamon roll.

If you like your genre with some romance or your romance with some genre, check out her works.

You can also check out my I’m-not-a-stalker previous posts on her books and her blog below. I find her blog thought-provoking and useful for writing. I also follow her on Facebook and am one of her patreons. Nope, not a stalker at all – just a superfan.

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