Flash: Hellhound Puppies

Image courtesy of the Internet Hivemind

A friend of mine posted the above on her Facebook page. I responded, and then it devolved. Below is the result.

First Response:

The hellhounds leap past the others (demons), knocking me down.

“Snuggles – good puppies!”

“But they’re hellhounds.”

“Puppies want belly rubs?” (Rubbing bellies)



Second response:

Much later – Young Demon checks in with an overseerer.

“Hey, I’m here to torture” (he looks at name on sheet and says it).

“Again? When will they learn? Look just grab a piece of flame and wait out the decade and go back.”

The hothead rakes the burnt-out demon with his eyes and sneers, “Some of us still got what it takes. Where is my ‘client’?”

Underworld weary, the overseer just waves in a direction. “There.”

“Why is it surrounded by hellhounds?”

The older demon looks over, squinting his eyes against the smoke. “I think they are playing fetch.”

A skull gets thrown and a dozen hellhounds run after it snapping and snarling, with one staying at the client’s feet guarding. The skull was wrong; white bone, but it wasn’t human. The hounds come trotting back, one with the skull in its mouth. The human plays a little tug-o-war until the hound lets go and then gripping the horns curling at the temples gives a big swing and lets it go again.

The young demon clears his throat, “So, where did it get the skull.”

“The last demon sent to torture it. The human said ‘Kibbles’ and pointed at the torturer.”

“You know, I think I will just sit here and enjoy the flame for a while.”

(words 246; first published on FB 6/17/2019; published on website 1/26/2020)