Flash: Orchid Monks

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Worm-hole was nearly complete. Vincent looked longingly at the caffeine pot set to start as soon as the power returned to general colony control. In the meantime, he activated the final exchange, this one directed to their sister colony in the MarkNineZebra sector.

“Oh thank the Grounds it is finally Wednesday. Everest, you got to help us!”

The communication specialist jumped in his chair at the unexpected verbal contact. His hands danced over the control console to activate the microphone. “What is wrong, my friend?”

“We have an infestation of those orchid monks. Already glass structures have been raised. How did you get rid of them?”

“Ah, let me send you the contact information for the extractor we hired.” After calling up the contact IP, Vincent quickly tacked on the databit to the agricultural exchange, marking his addition for immediate unravel.

The wormhole exchange and quantum computers provided instantaneous information transfer. “G-G-Grounds and Air! You hired a dark mercenary.” The woman at the other end sputtered with shock.

“I know, I know. But we tried everything and only this worked” Vincent reassured eyeing the information exchange countdown. Only seconds remained. “Use him, please. Yu’gl and only Yu’gl can prevent florist friars.”

(Words 201; first published 11/17/2019)

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