Author Spotlight: Natania Barron

Character spread with Book Cover by Natania Barron

Cover artist and writer, Natania Barron recently changed up her normal style of monsters and mayhem for a private project: Rock Revival: A Music Novel. My publisher took on the literary novel, and I had the pleasure of working with Natania on it.

Why did she stray from her traditional style?

Music has been such a deep, essential part of my life for so long, and I wanted to write this book to bring to life what I felt was a plausible story — not just about music but also about the complications of living that kind of life.

For me, taking the journey with her, brought back memories of my church choir years, especially one set of incredible youth directors who lived in Nashville writing secular songs before they settled down with children. Kate Styx’s and Tom Chesley’s journey matched so many of the stories they shared with me when I hung out with the youth director’s teen daughters.

Sometimes the best excitement in the world are stories close to reality, and Ms. Barron captures the music industry well.

Her other books include Pilgrim in the Sky (2011), Wothwood (2017), and the Frost & Filigree novella series (2017-2018). If you would like to learn more about her, visit her blog at:

Rock Revival can be bought through Amazon: eBook.