Flash: Arousal 2


Rating: Mature

The unknown man loomed over Roberta, and for an instant, recognition darted out of her memory. Someone from her husband’s work. A dinner party before the recession had cut the sales’ income, someone high up. Senior.

His skilled lips, recently attending to her breasts, claimed her mouth. His tongue demanded entrance even as his solid shaft continued to rock inside her slick channel. She tried to regain control over her arousal, but a quick squeeze of a tit had her opening her mouth in a moan. Once inside her mouth the tongue danced along her teeth. He drew back for a nip on her bottom lip and returned for seconds, or thirds. Roberta was losing count.

Lighting flowed through her, sending shivers through every bone. Her hands clutched at the man’s shoulders desperate for support. Panting with thrust after thrust, sensation took her. Multi-syllable words like husband and fidelity slipped from her vocabulary.

Instead, “Fuck me, fuck me,” was whispered into sweaty shoulder. Finally a scream started at the base of her spine and surged out. This time the man followed her over the edge, her inner muscles milking him dry as orgasm after orgasm gripped her.

They collapsed together, exhaustive sleep claiming her.

Languor weighed her limbs in the morning. Sheets tangled about her and the male. Unable to move she prodded her sluggish mind for his identity.

Samuel. Best salesman two years running. Her husband said he was brutal. Stealing customers from competitors and colleagues alike. A client list longer than her arm and the only person last year with positive sales growth. He had hit on her a couple of times, but then most of her husband’s associates did. Salespeople were always selling something, sex included.

How had he got in? The door had been locked. Key.

“How did you get the key?”

“Tom.” Samuel’s hand started playing with her nape.

Untangling her limbs from the cloth binding her, Roberta stated, “Thomas would do no such thing.”

“Call him yourself.” Leaning against the sleigh bed’s headboard, Samuel smirked.

Pulling the white cover about her, Roberta grabbed her phone and sat up. Scrolling through her recently called list with her back towards the intruder, the blonde quickly found her husband’s number. Five days had passed since the last time they talked. Typical when he was at a convention, but a little scary under the present circumstances. She waited while the phone rang.

“Hey beautiful.”

“Hey yourself.” Roberta replied. “I’ve got Samuel here.”

Thomas broke in fast. “Right, just do whatever he asks and I will explain it when I get home.”

“No, Thomas,” death dripped from her tones, “you will explain now.”

“Er.” Roberta could almost see her husband rubbing his hand over his balding head, like someone polishing a brass lamp hoping for a genie to appear. “Sam’s leaving the company and the industry, and put his list up for bid. I won.”

“Won how?”

“Oh, come on, don’t be this way sweetheart. We are hip deep in debt and the credit collectors pounding down the door. If I don’t do something, we will lose the house.” He inhaled deeply. “All he wanted was some time with you, a couple dates. Listen, it will take me a month to establish myself. Contact all the clients and set up new connections. Just keep him happy until then and we will be back on easy street.”

Roberta turned to look at the man in her bed. A smug face beamed back at her. “A month?” she growled.

“Only a month,” her husband promised the same time Samuel said, “To start.” Roberta shivered, unsure if it was fear or anticipation. Samuel pushed back the blankets displaying an erection larger than any she had ever seen. Part of her voted anticipation. Her pussy contracted in memory.

“Only a month,” Thomas continued. “Just do whatever he asks.”

“He wants to fuck me.” Roberta declared, testing how far this would go.

“Very observant.” Samuel said reaching a hand out to stroke her thigh with the other slowly pumped his shaft. Each pass brushed her lower curls, teasing. Her cream flowed out to wet the pubic hair.

A couple of curses came over the phone. Roberta ruthlessly suppressed a moan when Samuel’s fingers started looking for her clit.

“Yeah, I kind-of figured that.” Thomas wheeled, trying to handle her like a client. “I’m sorry, really I am.”

“You sold me.” She gasped as Samuel found the nerve bundle. She could have moved away. She should step away. Instead, when Samuel’s hand put pressure on her hip to draw her closer, she went.

“No, no. I am doing this for us, beautiful. The man’s list is gold, pure gold. Just keep him happy.” Roberta heard his tone change like it always did when he went for the close. “Love, honor, and obey. Don’t forget the obey part. Do this and I promise we won’t have to worry about money ever again.”

Samuel slid down to lie flat. Then he guided her until her slit was over his mouth. His hands pushed her lower lips apart. His wonderful tongue darted out touching her most sensitive part.

“Oh, oh.” She hoped the sounds would be interpreted as sobs, which in one respect they were. Roberta was positive her husband wouldn’t recognized them as sobs of passion. He hadn’t given her an orgasm in years. Her voice shaking, she needed to get off the phone before he heard something that would make him rethink the situation. “Right, money. I’ll do this. Bye.” She pressed the red button hard and verified the call had disconnected before throwing it across the room. Her hands freed, she braced them against the headboard.

Later, later she would think. Now was not the time.

(words 962 – originally appearing at Breathless Press 6/24/13 for the 8/12/12 Sunday Fun; republished in new blog format 7/22/2018)