Flash: Gulf

Image courtesy of Phil_Bird at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“I said GOLF course.” Shaking my head, I survey the ravaged landscape. Dozens of rivulets rupture the once perfect rolling hills of grass. Several deeper chasms pierce the muddy terrain, a few narrow enough to easily step over, while others would require a running jump or maybe even a dirt bike. Random pits stab deeper while the displaced earth beside them add to the obstacles.

My enthusiastic helpers who embraced their assignment while I dealt with the fallout from the last debacle trace their feet back and forth excavating new trenches in the soil.

(words 94; first published 3/18/2018)

Notes: I belong to a small writing group which every-so-often puts out a writing challenge. March’s was use the word “Gulf”, any genre, any length. … So the word I am suppose to use never actually is used in the flash. Oh well, I’ll blame tax season.