Author Spotlight: Wen Spencer

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Wen Spencer has been bouncing around the US for a while. After living in Pittsburgh and Boston, she has wisely chosen to settle in Hawaii. Her first novels were the Ukiah Oregon series, a fast-paced blend of mystery and fantasy. Her Elfholme series focuses on Tinker, a genius, dealing with a Pittsburgh split between two dimensions – one of which has elves and monsters.

I find her stand-alone books to be some of her strongest works with Brother’s Price (a personal favorite) and The Black Wolves of Boston.

Her books feature strong characters in a fantastical situation, but deeply rooted in the character’s reality. For example, Tinker works in a scrap yard and loves riding bikes. Each book’s voice is powerful and unique, you might like one series and not another – so look at the book samples and see if any strike your fancy.