Other Cool Blogs: Bad Redhead Media January 21, 2017

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


I want Mad Skillz. Not just as an author, but all things publishing.

  1. Writing from first draft to final
  2. Editing from content to proofing
  3. Arting from cover to full-wraps
  4. Digitizing from formatting to upload
  5. Mathing from price points to bills
  6. Marketing from social media to conventions.

Oh, wait, there is more – beta teams, websites, keywords… Rachel Thompson in her guest spot on BadRedhead Media¬†explains “This is Why Authors Shouldn’t Do It All“.

Specialization is a thing, folks. When looking at budgets during self-publishing, temptation rises to #doallthethings. Realize for anything thing you do other than writing mean YOU ARE NOT WRITING. If someone else can do it faster, better, spending money (with your publisher hat on as I describe under my Yog’s Law post last year) is a real option. Especially for other true specialties like cover art and editing.

You may want to juggle all the ideas, but, when it comes down to it, the best marketing is having books for people to come across. This mean writing should be primary in a writer’s career.