Flash: The Interview

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Rating: Mature

Maddy followed the luscious male’s ass through to one of the messiest houses she had ever been in. Not hoarder level piles, but dust, dishes, and dirt everywhere. High-end furniture with water marks from glasses. Used clothes dropped where stripped.


Yep, these boys needed a housekeeper bad. Not certain about the rest of the job, but live-in arrangements didn’t come often and Jack was really tired of having her crash on his couch. Well, more accurately Jack’s boyfriend. To be fair, her friend put up with a heck of a lot from her, and his boyfriend didn’t understand their history.


The kitchen was no better than the rest of the house, but the table had been cleared and her other potential boss was already seated. Oscar met her at the door, so this had to be … “Dave, so good to meet you.” she said, presenting her hand.


Dave, a brunette to Oscar’s dark blond, stood to take her hand. Holy Hannah, she watched her hand get swallowed in his mitt. If the urban myth of hand size was true … her eyes drifted down and made a measuring guess. Dave dropped her hand and sat abruptly while Oscar joined him on the other side, putting the papers she brought on the table.


“A little larger than expected, your résumé.” Oscar commented.


“You requested the last three years of employment.” Maggie pointed out


“And in that time you had …” Oscar moved the pages around, silently counting. “twenty-four jobs.”


“What?” asked Dave, grabbing some of the sheets. “Did you quit all these or were fired?”


Smiling a 100-watt smile, Maggie started putting a positive spin on the situation. She knew she could ace this. She gave great interview. Plenty of practice. “Well, several of those are acting gigs, and a few were seasonal positions. Is the amount of jobs a problem? I do try to keep busy.”


“We understand seasonal positions, being in construction. But why did you leave something like the daycare position?” Oscar inquired flipping paper around.


“The daycare position entailed cooking the children meals and keeping the facility clean. Likewise my work in restaurants and as a maid gives me the skills to be an excellent housekeeper. The Little Ones Daycare and DJ’s Janitorial Services required extensive background checks and bonding. I should be able to get those types of credentials if you need them.”


Dave grabbed the rest of her résumé when Oscar started tapping the papers together. “I agree you have the skills required for that portion of the position, but why did you leave your last place of employment?”


 “Annalisa’s was a seasonal position.” Maggie said, leaving out the fact she got released because she moved things without the management’s direction. Never mind her little fix of the floor plan increased revenue by 12% over the three days it was in place before the boss noticed. She constantly ran into problems when she improved things.


Dave held up another page. “And how about the sex phone line?”


Maggie had included that job because of the second requirement of the position she was applying for. “I must admit I got fired from that one.” She sighed dramatically. “I just couldn’t keep to the script.”


Dave looked interested and motioned her to continue.


So in a monotone she said, “Oh, oh, do me.  Yes, touch me there. I like that.” Maggie’s laugh pealed. “I changed things up so I felt the part, and when my line got more repeat calls than others the owners looked into things and were appalled by my inventions.”


Oscar shifted in his seat, he of the greater height but smaller hands. “Do any of your inventions include S&M?”


Ahh, now to the real interview. A friend from the sex line had given her the information for this job. The boys not only wanted a housekeeper, but also a live-in dominatrix. “I tried to steer clear of abusive sex, but some titillation through taking control or letting go always spices things up.”


Dave smiled in comfortable agreement. Oscar started opening his mouth for the next question.


Speaking of taking control, time to hijack the interview. “So why did your last Mistress leave?”


The two men looked at each other. Oscar’s head nodded and Dave took over. “We were too vanilla. And she said we worked too much.”


Maggie leaned back, taking two of the chair legs off the floor and considered. They gave her time to think. “Are you two a couple without a dom present? Whose on top?”


Dave answered again. “Outside the bedroom, we jointly own a construction firm and we pour all our energy into that. We prefer not to think once home and depend on someone else to take over.”


“So you have been without your dom for about, what, three weeks?” Maggie inquired with, bringing the legs back to the floor. “Have you had sex at all since then?”


Dave shook his head no. Oscar couldn’t even meet her eye. Oh, she was so going to ace this interview.


“Okay then boys, stand up.” She ordered.


Like good little submissives, they stood. Maggie never thought of herself as a dominatrix before, but for the two hunks in front of her she was going to give it a shot. Heck, for room and board and the starting salary she had been told, she would have attempted it with two overweight TV addicts.


“Lead the way to the cleanest bedroom.”

(Words 911 – first published 2/6/2013; published in new blog format on 3/5/2017)