Blog: NaNo Choice

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Hey all, I am going to attempt National Novel writing month in November again. I know I have never finished the Cons of Romance from the 2015 NaNo, as well as previously worked on stories of The Anti-Christ’s Big Sister’s Blog and the Ice Queen superhero.

Also in the brain is Queen City Coven (a urban fantasy romance series), The Swan and … (an urban fantasy series), the Ranlo brothers (a romance series), Ebony’s Rainbow (a romance series), the Moonguard (a fantasy series), the Saga of Joelie (epic fantasy), the Waking Dead (necromancers), and a dozen other stories.

I was wondering is there any particular story you would like to see expanded or characters you want revisited? You can review the Character Cross-Reference (NOTE from 4/26/2024: the Character cross-reference took too much time to maintain and has been discontinued)  and the Universe Cross-Reference for ideas. Let me know of anything you are particularly interested in and it may become the November writing – and if nothing else you will get to see a few additional blogs particular to the world and characters.

Thanks for reading and commenting,

Erin Penn