Author Spotlight: Eve Langlais

Book cover for Hell's Geek

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In November 2015 I had a book-reading binge on Eve Langlais – devouring a dozen of her humorous paranormal erotica-leaning romances.  Ms. Langlais voice is funny, her woman are brash and strong, and her man are without-a-doubt alphas. And the romance is hot-hot!

The problem I usually have with reading a lot from the same author did not occur; most of the time the language and characters get repetitive. This is not the case. For example in one book series (Freakin’ Shifters), Ms. Langlais managed to have five different primary female characters and eight different male characters between the four stories. In addition, all the sex scenes were as unique as the characters in them – and that had to be hard; the four erotica books had a lot of sex scenes. Pretty awesome skill set to pull that off. In addition all four books have an element of danger in them; never the forefront, that is reserved for the sex and family humor, but a nice undertone often associated with a battle to prove the Alpha males of the story are Alpha.

If you want your romances with a bit of boom-chicka-boom, she is your woman. A prolific writer she has several multi-volume series out. Some involve menage-a-trois  (where her ability to create unique character is essential – you never mix up which man is flirting with the woman). The paranormal flavor changes from series to series:

  • Welcome to Hell – where Lucifer plays matchmaker to his demons to keep them happy and hardworking
  • Alien Abduction – alien purple skinned male with a taste for pink earth females
  • Furry United Coalition – Even shapeshifters need governmental agencies. Be prepared to be F.U.C.ed

Twelve series so far with over 80 books released. …. I still have so many to read!