Flash: Team Necro (Version 2)

Waking Dead Logo

Image created by Erin Penn

“So what is in the box Caitlynn?” The dainty brunette asked as the larger woman easily hauled the box in from the hall.

Caitlynn smiled, dropping it on the left desk of their small office quietly since Gerald lay on the long sofa with a tattooed arm thrown over his dark eyes, covering the fresh scratches on his face from the previous night. “Advertisements!” she stage-whispered, snapping open the small knife she always carried in her back pocket to cut the packing tape.

The large black man groaned from the sofa.

The leggy blond respond to what for Gerald could be interpreted as a full sentence. “Yep, got everything we looked at.”

Dropping his arm, Gerald’s muscles bunched as he leveraged himself into a seating position. “No ties.” He bore holes into the more enthusiastic of his two best friends of the female variety.

“Went with the vests instead of the Men-In-Black look.” She took one out, snapping it to unfold it, and laying it against her ample breasts. Blood red, the pocket was embroidered with the company name she had chosen.

Jenni frowned. “Still think ‘Waking Dead’ is going to get some copyright infringements.”

“That’s what Daddy’s lawyers are for, and if things like ‘Lawn’n’Order’ for a landscaping firm can exist so can we.” Caitlynn smiled at her two friends. “Besides Walking Dead hires necromancers. Three of their actors require them.”

“Really?” Jenni raised an eyebrow at the claim.

But Caitlynn knows her business. “Yep, two of the dead are really dead and one of the ‘living’ who will get bit in the next season. Everlasting Staffing requires all their actors to sign a contract allowing them to be raised for up to ten years. Very useful for unexpected deaths. Imagine how much better Zounds or Dark Cloud Mountain would have been if Nowell or Payseur had been able to complete filming. Several movie companies are trying to make it part of the boilerplate but the union is fighting it.”

“Throw one here.” Gerald stood up. All six foot eight and three foot wide of him. Caitlynn pulled at one of the largest vests and tossed it over. He slid it over his stained and torn t-shirt and button up the front.

Eyeing the red fitting snuggly against Gerald’s chest, Jenni nodded. “Some days I really hate you Caitlynn.”

The blond sighed, licking her lips. “He looks great in uniform.”

“Toss one over here.” Jenni walked over from her desk.

Both of the women quickly buttoned up the vests. Caitlynn’s hugged her generous curves yet screamed professional like an accountant, while Jenni’s straightened her back and took her from dainty doll to something a breath more lethal. Suddenly they went from three recently graduated college kids to a professional firm.

The blond pulled out the door sign for their office to replace the paper printout presently taped to the door. “Waking Dead, Necromantic Consultants”

(word count: 485 – first published 9/18/2016)