Magical Words: Writing With A Baby

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Babies not only pull at your heartstrings, they pull at your hair and your time. I have five sisters, all of whom decided to have children therefore I’m blessed with a lot of niblings, so I’ve been around a lot of babies. Only one of my sisters committed to retaining a career after having children; the rest have decided to be primary caregivers to the next generation, sometimes holding down a job, but mostly depending on their significant other to provide the hours outside the home needed for income to cover housing and food while they covered the hours needed inside the home to create healthy, well-developed adults from their mutual commitment when they decided to have children.

Doing something on top of children, let alone when the offspring is at their most neediest, always amazes me. Babies are WORK. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

Many potential authors think that when they have a Baby they will also write their Novel.

Many potential authors are delusional from the future lack of sleep.

Catie Murphy discusses her commitments, both to her novel-writing career and her child, in the Magical Word post from March 31, 2011, “Writing With a Baby”. The comment section includes a comments from others holding down the dual career of author and parent.

By the way, happy Women’s History Month.

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