Flash: Pixie Power 1 – I feel a sneeze

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“Amie, what are you doing?”

Amie looked up from her hands, filled with pixie dust. “Deciding.”

Her sheep-hooved friend, normally as staid as any domestic animal, even when as tipsy as they both were after their third bar of their monthly fourth Friday bar crawl, her one weekend night off each month, covered his face with his hands, then spread his fingers to look through them, his black nails stark against his white hair and eyebrows, “Do I even want to know.”

“Mischief?” the pixie dust in her cupped hands illuminating her face from below. The stuff just slogged off naturally from her hair, skin, and cut nails. By law, Amie had to keep it under tight control – combing her hair at home, wearing a hair net or using a hair net spell, scrubbing skin vigorously every morning. Jars of it lit her bedroom between her trips for bio-magick sanitation processing. She pocketed two handfuls before leaving the apartment.


“Why not?”


“Not good enough.”

“You really want to spend the weekend in a holding cell,” Bowser wiped his hands down his face and brought them to his side, “again.”

“What else is there to do, now my debit card is maxed out?”


“Woman,” she snapped.

“Lady, my friend, my dear, dear, precious pixie pal,” Bowser stepped closer, but to the side. Pixie power aimed as a cone effect in front of the wielder. A bar that refused to serve fairies and an after-hours club using pixies and elves as entertainment, but not welcomed as patrons, were across the street. “Please see reason for once in your madcap life.”

Glancing to the sheepish male, Amie scrunched her nose. “I feel a sneeze.”


Amie blew the pixie dust, grabbed her friend’s hand, and pulled them into a run. Behind them rainbows and bubbles of colored light flew across the street and coated the entrances. Expensive witch hexes sparkled, fighting the pixie dust, neutralizing it, but leaving the establishments vulnerable if others took decided to retaliate tonight against their bigotry before the spells could be recast.

(words 348; first published 10/15/2023)

Pixie Power Series

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