Flash: Passing Fancy

Image from freedigitalphotos.net

“Didn’t someone live there yesterday?”

“Huh? What?” asked Jenkins, his driving haze breaking.

“There.” I point to a falling down manor with an overgrown yard visible between the tree break. “I swear that was a white-washed confederate monstrosity yesterday.”

He slowed, craning his neck around as we passed it. “I don’t know.”

“We should look.”


“No, something big has changed.” I firmed my voice. “We should look.”

“Ain’t happening.” Jenkins gripped the steering wheel of Toyota tighter, his dark skin highlighting his white knuckles. “Nope, we are not going hunting ghosts.”

“I’ll just come back alone after dark.”

He sent me a dirty look.

“You know it is true.”

“Tomorrow. We promised your mother we would be home tonight in case she calls.”

I won. “I love you, honey.” I settled down in the passenger seat, smiling. “It’s best if I research the property first anyways.”

(words 147; first published 9/6/23)

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