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Welcome to all the new readers. Hope you are enjoying reading my Erin Penn’s Second Base blog. This is the fifth Thursday, where instead of pointing you at other people’s blogs, I write one of my own.

I am thinking it is time to circle around and let people know what the blogging schedule is, since it has been a while. I publish something three days a week: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I prep most of them in advance to avoid conflict for the crazy tax season and the unpredictable package season.

Sunday posts are flashes. I aim to have the first two weeks be expansions on existing flash storylines, the third week is a text flash, and the fourth a visual flash. Weeks with a fifth Sunday get a long 2,000 word flash. Normally flashes vary between 50 and 1,000 words.

Text flashes I write either from text prompts or an idea I had. Visual flashes I use a picture as a prompt; for example, if the picture has a red chair, a red chair is likely to be in the story. For the text prompts I try and find a good picture to go with the story after the story is written. I wrote a blog in 2016 providing a little more detail about text and visual flashes. You can find it HERE.

Tuesday posts are a mix, cycling once a month through: book reviews, editing rants, book reviews on series, and writing exercises. And every fifth Tuesday in a month I post about non-writing projects I have been working on, usually arts like embroidery or making memes.

What are the editing rants? Well, those kind-of happen in the middle of the night and I post them to a writer’s group on Facebook. When I working on an editing project and find something that just leaves me speechless,¬† sometimes I just got to scream into the world before moving on. Facebook works good for this. The writers’ group tells me they love it because it demystifies editing to them. I clean some of these explosions up and post them here. I hope they are entertaining and informative.

Thursday posts are blogs I have found on the internet in a cycle like Tuesday: Magical Words (a old, but still very relevant, blog group of amazing group of genre writers, publishers, and editors), memes on writing and editing, Geeking Science (because – wow, the world is AMAZING!), other blogs that I found interesting, and the fifth Thursday a blog post of my own making. Like today.

So that is the blogging schedule: a story on Sunday, some trivia on Tuesday, and cool other blogs on Thursday.

In addition to the website-blog, I have a Facebook page. If you would like to have access to my Facebook page, you can like it HERE. The website includes a cross-references of characters appearing in multiple flashes and published works. And please review my published works available for sale through Amazon.

Thanks for reading and have a great Thursday!

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