K is for Kill

Meme from the Internet Hive Mind

Exposure kills – heat or cold … or doing creative work for free.

Now, you can choose to release some stuff for free, like blogging. And not everything you do needs to be capitalized – I love my embroidery, but I don’t sell it. Hobbies like watching television don’t need payment.

But asking someone to do their professional occupation for free, well, that is like asking them to go without food and it isn’t fair.

2 thoughts to “K is for Kill”

  1. Not fair at all. It’s a bit baffling to me why writers get approached for ‘free writing’ but no other creative professionals get the same shabby treatment – artists, sculptors, singers, photographers…

    Visiting from the A-Z and enjoyed reading. All the best for completing the challenge.

    1. It’s not just writers – my sister’s friend who is a professional singer is expected to sing at all the families and friends weddings for free. All creatives are approached for different reasons because, you know, you are JUST doINg iT for FUN. Yes it is fun, it is also a lot of prep work for special requests. I hope the challenge is also treating you well.

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