Flash: Sleeper Agent

Photo provided by freedigitalphotos.net

I keep my head down beside my sleeping coworkers, cursing quietly in my mind. Our new boss is a mentalist. Fuck, fuck FUCK! No wonder O’Connell sold the startup for a song. We all had thought he had caved because the new release had been pushed back until after Christmas.

The Sleeper stood behind Emily, caressing her long blond hair, adjusting her thoughts to be more accepting of the new direction to take our app development Kingsley had announced. And maybe a little more. I had seen how he had looked at her when the powered started the meeting.

What to do before he got to me, the project manager for Boundless and unregistered powered.

I don’t have a clue. I know I’m a neutral, because my brother can’t burn me. He’s a minor pyro – like can create a single flame about the size of a match – and I think the only registered pyro in existence not dragged off immediately to become a solider, but with his eyes, bottle caps glasses are the kindest description, spaghetti muscles, and limited powers, what would they do with him? Me, powers don’t work on me, but it won’t be obvious until the asshole touches me. I’m as much a nerd as my brother and have similar lack of muscles, so punching his lights out isn’t an option.

Jason is getting the treatment now, whatever it is. One more body between me and him. Time to make a decision.

(words 245; first published 3/12/2023, from a FB visual prompt for a writing group I belong to – aiming for 50 words