Other Cool Blogs: Tor.com (4/18/17) – Gallows

Gallows Superstitions and the Repurposing of Corpses” by Viola Carr, published at Tor.com on 4/18/2017 is the perfect blog post for Halloween month. If you are in the business of hanging, what do you do with the bodies. I mean, really, who can live on a government salary – certainly not a hangman!
Which is why all those lovely bodies could be repurposed for side gigs and additional income.
Give the body for science, and if not enough offenders happen to keep the coin flowing, you can always dig up a few extra of the fresher ones who died of natural causes.
Find out some other cool and creepy ideas of how civilians has repurposed corpses throughout history by reading Ms. Carr’s post.
Military purposes include tossing infectious bodies into enemies camps, and increasing the appearance of body counts by having the soldiers stand duty even after they pass. 
Comment below about other repurposing of corpses you have run into.