Flash: Frozen to the Core

Photo from freedigitalphotos.net

She wouldn’t die. She refused to die like this.

She didn’t die.

Holy shit, she was still alive.

Flames raised Kristin’s arms, the heat pushing them up crookedly. Everything felt wrong, her core nearly frozen despite the blistering heat, but she managed a staggered step forward toward the people who just tried to burn her alive. Another step and she managed to crick her neck to raise her head so she could properly see the sickos.

The crowd dropped the empty gasoline canisters and scattered as Kristin figure how to move in a world of fire and flame.

Each of the mob carried a candle within them. A warm candle calling to her icy core like a light to a moth.

She would find all those who dared to murder her, their light of life giving them away.

Blow their candles out and consume their wax. Maybe that will make her warm again.

(words 153; first published 11/21/2023)