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Self-Care Everywhere
It’s con season, or would be if the COVID wasn’t an issue. I thought I would touch base on a few of the things we need to do to keep healthy at conventions (and at other places too).
1. Drink water – We don’t do it nearly enough, especially on long con days followed by a bar tab night. Do not start the night dehydrated, otherwise day two of the con is really gonna suck. And if it is a long convention, like DragonCon, you won’t make the distance.
And remember, it is also important to drink water when typing or longhand writing your manuscript. Drink water while editing, etc. We are bags of mostly water, and we need to replenish is constantly. Water is a primary go juice for your brain, beating out even sugar.
Additional note: When flying, the air on planes is being dehydrated, therefore dehydrating you. Pour water down your throat to recover, otherwise you will have a travel dehydration headache. Not a happy place to be when you hit the ground running into the first panel of the convention.
2. Eat regular – At a con, with panel after interview after contest, it is easy to forget to eat. Put it on your schedule. Pack snacks. The candy at the artist alley is not enough. Protein and other long-time digestive substance is required. A good protein-laden breakfast will push you further than coffee and a box of donuts.
And, again, while writing, EAT. Do not skip meals to find more writing time. The brain chews through about 20% of the day’s calories even though it is only 2% of the weight. Active use kicks up the calorie count, just like muscles burn more when actively used. And while it is tempting to pour sugar on it – that is a surge-and-crash method. Long-term at the keyboard needs fiber like apples and protein like cheese.
3. Make friends – The publishing industry is a tough gig. You need friends. Especially in the middle of a pandemic. Build that support network. The network is both keeping in touch with the industry – finding out about changes in self-publishing, when anthologies are looking for submissions, and what agents have openings – AND keeping in touch with humanity. The first is silver and the second is gold. The first allows you to be a writer, the second allows you to live.
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